Feb 2016

Feb 2016 Newsletter


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1 the price of For Mother's Sake reduced again!

Recollections that didn't make the book: is a new link

3 don't forget you can get 25% off the .epub version of the e-book


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Check out the More Talk: link for more from Jimmy on audio


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Limited Edition SP Vinyl 7" - Zappanale 2003: The Jack & Jim Show play Willie The Pimp

Get a free copy? Find out how under the CD List link


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Don't forget the sculpture galleries. Revampt and more extensive, they show off Jimmy's fine handwork


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We've added galleries of album covers! -  Check out Cover Stories:


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We've begun to add gig posters to the website! - Check out The Poster Book:


* More to come - do check in from time to time:

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